Sophie – Switzerland


I had to chose a place to do my last internship for my hotel management school in Geneva. As soon as I mentioned China, my teachers told me it wouldn’t be possible because of the visa, that is now very difficult to get. Nicolas then came to make a presentation  at my school. He was so enthusiastic that there was no way I wasn’t going to China! We got in touch, he managed to find me an internship, we got disappointed a few times with the hotels reaction, they were afraid I wouldn’t get a visa but Nicolas said he would find solutions and he always did! As soon as I arrived in Shanghai, Bastien came to pick me up at the airport.

I had a hotel room booked for 2 days, he helped me get a Chinese phone number, bank account, metro card, negotiated the price for my apartment, got me a VPN, organized my Chinese classes . All those annoying things that seem impossible to do alone in China without speaking a good Chinese. They both introduced me to the Swiss community and they always invite me to great events and parties. They just made my life so much easier, I only had to enjoy Shanghai. Nicolas and Bastien are available, reliable, they are passionate about what they do and do not count their hours.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone willing to move to Shanghai!