Johanna – Switzerland


So I came to Beijing to study Mandarin during my gap year. As I didn’t speak Chinese when I arrived, they helped me to get started with my new life, so everything felt very easy as they took care of it.

ICL helped me choose and apply for the Chinese courses I was interested in. Then, once I got here, Nicolas and Bastien came from Shanghai to welcome me at the airport. They stayed about four days to help me find a real state agency and negotiate the rent of my apartment in the best location of Wudaokou, open a Chinese bank account, get a Chinese phone number. They also showed me the area, as they had already lived in Beijing, and introduced me to some of their friends here. A few months later, I was able to meet them again in Shanghai, where I spent a wonderful time with them.

Before coming to China, I was very hesitant about this gap year, as China seemed so far and unknown, but during our Skype meetings, Nicolas gave me his impressions of this amazing country and was able to reassure me. And he was right as I have been having the best time here, so I definitely don’t regret asking for ICL’s help.