Luis – Mexico

Luis - Mexico


I came from Mexico to discover China and learn about the people and the culture. I signed up for a four year Bachelor Degree in Shanghai and in only three years I was able to obtain a Degree in International Trade and pass a Chinese proficiency (HSK) level 4. THis program not only gave me a good understand of how business in China is done, it also allowed me to meet people from all over the world and have tones of fun. I am now back in Mexico with a degree from a Chinese University and I can speak Chinese!

I really recommend ICL if you want to have fun during your stay in China and not have to worry about a thing. Nicolas and Bastien organized great parties where I met awesome people and I will definitely be going back to Shanghai to visit. The degree program is a good choice to obtain a university degree in an international environment and learn about business in Shanghai where new opportunities are emerging every day.