Kim – South Korea


Amazing experience! Thank you Nicolas, Bastien and ICL

I studied mandarin in Beijing half year and then moved to shanghai last summer around august 2013. I also learned Chinese in Jiaotong daxue. However, it was quite boring only studying Chinese in the most international city. And I realized there’s something i wanted to do more than studying, which was an internship. I met Nicolas(the founder of ICL) by chance and he introduced ICL to me. At that moment, I already applied several companies internship, but it was really hard to get a reply since they only wanted long-term intern.

Thanks to ICL, I could work in China IT Company for 2 months. It was really an amazing experience for me as undergraduate student. The company mainly deals with data center, cloud service and consulting service. They have the biggest data centers in China. Baidu, Ctrip, BMW, Mercedez and elong etc. lots of huge companies are their clients. I was involved in International accounts as Sales assistant. Mainly my job was to find potential clients as many as possible via Linkedin, arrange meeting with the clients and discover new channels to increase profit. Everything was new to me so it was tough at first, but when I arranged the first meeting by myself with a new client I felt so excited.

One week later after starting work, Nicolas came to office to see me and check out how my work was going. He gave some advice how to work wisely and told me if there’s any problem he would like to help. I was impressed by his responsibility and passion for his work. I got monthly salary. Even if it was not much, I had priceless experience.

My internship was more than I expected. I learned how sales procedure actually works, built lots of network with high-positioned directors or VPs in various big companies, held main meeting which could be lead straight to contract and visited lots of chamber of commerce in Shanghai alone to have meeting etc. These kinds of experiences might be nothing to people already working, but for me every moment was priceless and valuable because I could learn something that i could never learn in campus.

Without Nicolas, Bastien and ICL, I could’ve never get this opportunity in Shanghai. Thank you !

And if you hesitate about going to China, DON’T and Choose ICL