Louis-Clément – France


After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, I thought about moving to China. However I did not know how to go about it in terms of visa, finding an apartment, opening a bank account or finding the right cell phone provider. I got in touch with Nicolas and Bastien through their Facebook page and mutual connections. They took the time to Skype with me several times, giving me insights about the life in Shanghai and in China in general. They registered me with the University for Chinese classes on a very short notice and smoothened the whole process when I arrived. A driver was waiting for me at the airport and took me to my hotel. Then the apartment hunt started and I found a good one rapidly thanks to their help. After that the bank account and phone number were just a formality. The 3 things that I like the most about the ICL team are their professionalism, their sense of the service and their friendliness. It’s never easy to move to a city where you don’t know anyone. They introduced me to a lot of people that are now my friends. I would definitely recommend their service for the point above mentioned. You can contact me at lcschiltz@gmail.com for more information about my experience with ICL and in China.