Ayu Pratiwi – Indonesia

ayuHaving living in Europe for many years, I never truly experienced how living in Asia looks like and one of my dream is to discover more about it by doing an internship. However to be accepted for an internship is not easy, I sent my CV to many companies but rarely got answer. Luckily I discovered about ICL through an event in my university. In less then a month they found me an internship in the domain that I’m interested in. After that ICL provided me with the necessary documents for the visa. When I arrived in the airport of Shanghai, I got a warm welcome by one of ICL’s staff. They also found me a very wonderful apartment with a great price & location, helped me with basic needs (SIM card, bank card, transportation card, etc.) and showed me great places to do your groceries.

I’m very happy to have chosen ICL. My internship is just like expected and I’m enjoying it ! ICL can really help you finding the right experience in Shanghai. The staffs are young people but have excellent knowledge about life in Shanghai. They are very friendly, easygoing and committed with their work. Thank you ICL for providing me with the best to have great experience in Shanghai !