Web Development Internship

Web Development Internship in Shanghai


Reference Number: SH-WD-01

Posted on : March 1, 2015

Location: Shanghai

Remuneration: TBD

Start Date: ASAP

Position Overview

A Web Developer Intern will be working within a project team to design & deliver beautiful, user friendly, useful web applications.


  • Familiarity with HTML5, CSS3
  • Good knowledge of PHP or Python or a similar programming language (e.g. Java, C++)
  • Basic knowledge of Javascript or other scripting language
  • Moderate RDBMS (Relational database) knowledge: ER Diagrams, Schema creation, SQL


  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Knowledge of Django
  • Knowledge of relational databases: ER diagrams, schema creation, SQL
  • Has personal coding projects that they can demonstrate
  • Has Linux experience
  • Has done GUI development in a modern IDE
  • Experience with iOS/Android development environment, even if just recreational

Reports to:

Lead Developer

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