3 Best Chinese Places to Visit in May

May is the beginning of China’s summer. China’s summer is full of vitality, when you can see oceans of flowers in many natural scenic areas and the mountains are covered with exuberant trees and plants. It is neither too hot nor too cold in May. The cool temperature makes May an ideal season to travel around China. Just avoid travelling China during International Labor Day, the first week of May, especially May 1st to May 3rd.

1. The Great Wall – Beijing


The Great Wall should be in your destinations list when you travel around Beijing. It is like an ancient and huge Chinese dragon lying on the sinuous mountains. Taking a coach trip or a train ride from the city center to the foot of the Great Wall is available, which takes about 2 hours each way.

The Great Wall is the highlight of ancient Chinese workers’ wisdom, and was built by thousands of laborers. Visiting the most popular parts of the Great Wall, including Badaling and Mutianyu, you can see countless city wall platforms and towers.

2. Shangri-La – Yunnan Province


Located at the meeting point of Yunnan Province and Tibet, the fabulous natural scenery in Shangri-La can only be found in heaven. Shangri-La in spring is light green, and in summer it is colorful. Snowy mountains, dense forests, green grasslands and pastoral villages make Shangri-La a peaceful and tranquil place. May is the best time to appreciate flower blossoms in Shangri-La, especially at the end of the month.



3. Guilin – Guang Xi Province

guilin-5bestThe Li River is more charming under the warm sunshine in May. You can stand on the top of the cruise ship, appreciating the natural scenery along the river. May is the golden time for bamboo rafting on the Yulong Riverand cycling in the countryside in Yangshuo.

May is Guilin’s coolest season. At night, strolling around the Two Rivers and Four Lakes in the soft breeze is an excellent idea.